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The roundcube webmail client

Within this guide, you will leran how to


1 Delete and purge E-mails

The basic setting of roundcube is to move deleted messages into the trash. This can fail in many situations like beiing over quota or not having defined the trash folder. To circumvent this situations you can adjust the settings:

Find and click the link “Einstellungen” in the upper right corner of the browser. On the following screen click on the link “Server-Einstellungen” in the left box. You should see the following screen:

Roundcube Server Settings

In order to delete messages without moving them to the trash, activate “Als gelöscht markieren anstatt in den Papierkorb verschieben”. This setting results in a delete e-mail message to be displayed greyed and striked-through. The e-mail is now marked as deleted.

In order to let the Imap server purge e-mails being marked as deleted on logging out from roundcube, activate “Posteingang beim Abmelden packen”.

Save your new settings by clicking on the buttons “Speichern”.

You can manually purge e-mails marked as deleted by clicking on the purge icon below your folder list in the left lower corner of the browser: Roundcube Folder Actions

2 More to come…